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Learn about the services we offer at Gloria Arenas Spa for Laser Hair Removal and Tattoo Removal.

We currently have new laser technology, SHR ideal for all skin types, it does not cause pain, it does not damage the skin. Additionally, we offer a cooling system which allows the treatment to be more enjoyable.


The word Laser corresponds to its acronym in English Light Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

During laser epilation, light is emitted which is absorbed by the pigment called (melanin) in the hair. That light energy that comes out with a light shot is converted into heat, which damages the tube-shaped sacs inside the skin, bone (hair follicles) that produce hair.

This damage inhibits or delays future hair growth. Currently there are different types of laser hair removal, fortunately there is already a laser on the market that can work on all skin types (Fitzpatrick).

At Gloria Arenas Spa we have the privilege of being able to offer one of the most advanced techniques in terms of laser hair removal, ideal for all skin types; and it is SHR technology.

DermaCool Max SHR and IPL system.

One of the newest lasers available today is the Perfect Optimal Super Hair Removal (SHR) pulse technology. This technology works by creating a precise control of the pulses that allows the effects on the skin to be precise and without damaging effects. This system can provide optimal hair removal treatments for skin types ranging from Fitzpatrick I to VI. (Skin tones from lightest to darkest).

The SHR mode for hair removal allows a repetition of 10 pulses per second and a low fluence and high pulse repetition allow the temperature to rise in the hair follicle and allow a painless hair removal treatment.

Our SHR laser can be adapted to the needs and preferences of each patient, allowing the intensity and duration of the sessions to be adjusted. Which means we can personalize the laser hair removal treatment for each individual.


This provides a combination of traditional IPL technology with Laser Super Hair Removal (SHR) which provides evenly distributed energy throughout the skin that is delivered to the hair follicles.

Which causes the follicle to be paralyzed in future growth and; therefore, it reduces the inflammatory response to the epidermal layer of the skin and thus improves results in time and facilitates hair reduction.



Electrolysis is a method designed for the REMOVAL OF INDIVIDUAL HAIR from the face as well as the body. It is done through the use of fairly fine electrodes that are responsible for weakening and disappearing the root of such villi. In this way, by weakening the treated area, it prevents the hair from growing back.

This method is done hair by hair, therefore it is more expensive and a long process, in the same way several sessions are required, although it could be sometimes less than with the Laser or ILP method.

What does this method consist of?

Hair removal by electrolysis is characterized by the use of a microscopic needle that emits an electric current, which, when applied to the hair follicle, destroys its ability to regenerate and grow.

Although it is usually a less common procedure than laser hair removal, electrolysis hair removal is capable of REMOVING WHITE, REDHEAD AND BLONDE HAIR with exceptional efficiency.
It is a professional depilatory method, extremely advantageous over the others, since it can be carried out perfectly on people with any type of skin.
It is so precise that it can be performed on delicate areas of the body such as the face.
Generally, its application DOES NOT EVIDENCE PERMANENT SECONDARY EFFECTS, except that on some occasions a small current can be felt, a reddening of the skin.


At Gloria Arenas Spa we have one of the best electrolysis machines, the APILUS. This machine is considered the best in the hair-to-hair epilation market. Due to its powerful circuitry and stable currents, Apilus offers professional electrologists precision capabilities and optimal settings that deliver the results they seek.
You can finally say goodbye to unwanted hair, whether it’s facial hair or body hair.


One of the newest lasers available today is the Perfect Optimal Super Hair Removal (SHR) pulse technology.

This system can provide optimal tattoo removal treatments for skin types ranging from Fitzpatrick I to XI.

This system provides 532nm, 755nm and 1064nm wavelengths for permanent tattoo removal.
This revolutionary technology can treat both black and colored tattoos.
Commonly known as a “Q-Switched” laser, this system produces pulses that are measured in a billionth of a second and produce a pulse duration of one “picosecond,” which is up to 100 times shorter than a billionth of a second.

Thus, the result is that the chromophores are selectively targeted and a shorter thermal relaxation time occurs, which is the desired result of this thermal effect.
Tattoo pigment generally responds well to the “picosecond” range for photomechanical alteration which, as a result, produces the desired photomechanical effect of tattoo ink being absorbed into the skin.
This laser is one of the best for removing tattoos on all skin types.

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